coffee by Tom Lang

“…a deliciously satirical tale…”

The Oregonian

“COFFEE romps through the highs and lows of the Northwest’s favorite rocket fuel with sardonic speed…nimble, savory prose…”

The Register-Guard

“A ‘Days of Java and Roses” parody…59 hilarious pages.”

Willamette Week

“…an engaging story and it has literary merit. The book is a little like espresso. It’s small, tightly packed and full of flavor…as good as anything you find out of New York.”

Doug Dutton, Dutton’s Books, Los Angeles

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cat by Tom Lang

“Tom Lang’s CAT offers a deceptively deep and complex story in the guise of a simple tale about a reformed cat hater and his feline, Bouhaki. Lang paints his characters with deft strokes, sweetly hooking his unsuspecting reader’s heart.”

Shannon Brownlee
Senior Writer, U.S. News & World Report

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eagle by Tom Lang

“Absolutely hilarious! By combining comedy with facts, Lang has created a unique and clever look at eagles and their private lives.”
Alaska Raptor Rehabilitation Center

“A brilliant mix of knowledge, humor and storytelling, EAGLE is a classic on the American Bald Eagle.”
Joe Ordonez, owner of Rainbow Glacier Adventures, Haines, Alaska

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